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Retro-Split™ Storm Collars 

Our patented Retro-Split™ Storm Collar (# 6640503 & 6591561) are used to weatherproof roof penetrations that cannot easily be taken apart or disassembled.  Our patented storm collars are designed to counter flash a roof jack flashing that has been installed into a roofing system when an "over the top" installation is not possible or desired. 

Retro-Split™ Storm Collars open to allow an installation from the side.   By utilizing our patented "push together" skirt locks the collars can wraparound any geometric shape penetration. 

Small 3 inch Retro-Split™ Storm Collars

 1 1/2 & 2 inch Retro-Split Collars

 Left = 2.0" Plug and Right = 1 1/2" plug

However, the secret to the versatility of the Retro-Split™Storm Collar is the top plug geometry, which enables the Collars to conform to any shape.  Virtually any geometry can be weatherproofed in seconds by one person using only a screwdriver.  How simple does it get?

 Custom Cut Plug Samples

Left = 2" x 2" Angle and Right = 2" x 2" square

Until now, round, square or angle iron supports on equipment screens, fences, or sign posts were nearly impossible to seal effectively.   Until now, roofers had little choice other than to use unreliable "Pitch Pockets' for these locations. 

Three (3) sizes of Retro-Split™ Storm Collars

  1. Small = 3.0 inch max diameter of top plug.

  2. Medium = 6.0 inch max. diameter of top plug

  3. Large = 12.0 inch max. diameter of top plug.


Open Top Plug

Open & wrap plug

Wrap Around Skirt

Open skirt, wrap & lock shut.

Mate Skirt and Plug

Push skirt tabs into plug slots, 
stagger plug & skirt joints  

Install Stainless Steel Clamp

Open Stainless steel clamp & wrap it around the plug.

Nut Drive Clamp Tight

Place Collar down to position, & tighten clamp.
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