Which ever product you use from our lineup of weatherproofing solutions, the final test is customer satisfaction. (A customer's dry roof) We at ALL STYLE INDUSTRIES, LLC go to great lengths to ensure that our goods perform as promised so our customers can

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Storm Collar UMBRELLAS

When using a storm collar counter flashing method which slides onto a penetrating structure, a goop-less seal can be maintained that is speedy to install and has a professional clean presentation.


Retro-Spin™ flashings are roof jack/pipe flashings which will create the rise in a roof system that protects penetrating elements.

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All Style Industries, LLC (ASI) has been involved in the roofing profession for over 30 years. We began as one of the premiere roof contractors in the greater Los Angeles area and soon became a manufacturer of roofing accessories.

Unable to find viable solutions to weatherproofing problems we faced as contactors, we designed and manufactured our own patented products beginning in 1994. ASI now holds four (4) US patents for roof accessories and will have more on the way in the near future.

Today, ASI manufacturers a complete line of waterproof roof accessories designed to weatherproof difficult roof penetrations. Our ideas have accessorized roofing systems since 1995. These patented products are now used extensively across the United States, under every sort of field condition. They are unique, effective and economical solutions that weatherproof penetrations through a roof. Each product is made from high quality, long-lasting materials, and all are made in the good old USA.

The ASI approach to product development has always been to "build a better mouse trap". We solve the most difficult roof design problems using simple to install solutions. Architects, engineers, consultants, designers, contractors and homeowners marvel at the simplicity of our designs and ease of installation of our entire product line. "Why hasn't anyone done this before" is a commonly voiced by our customers on a daily basis.

  • Avalon Bay Communities

  • Essex Property Trust

  • Trammel Crow Residential

  • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

  • University of California Irvine

  • United States Postal Service

  • Chicago Public Building Commission (PBC)

  • Saint Lukes Medical Center of MO

  • Prince William Forest National Park of VA

  • Chicago Bridge & Iron

ASI products are commercial roof repair Flashings are used throughout the United States by architects, municipalities, contractors and developers as weatherproof roofing supplies for  all manner of commercial and residential roof repair

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Electric Service Mast Flashing Roof Accessories


"No matter how much value we see in our product line their true worth is gauged by the capacity of our ideas to create additional profits for our customers. That's why All Style Industries (ASI) sells superlative value added products that are perfect "Extra Cheese" type upgrades."