A Retro-Split® Storm Collar assembly will include one wrap around skirt (3 or 6 inch size - two (2) skirts with 12 inch size), one plug, and a stainless steel marine grade band clamp. Retro-Split® Storm Collars are fabricated in the USA from first quality, non-recycled E.P.D.M. rubber that is exceptionally resistant to heat, ozone and acid rain environments to assure long life that should exceed 20 years.

Each Retro-Split® Storm Collar plug is molded to allow an exact fit of the specific geometric shaped structural penetration being weatherproofed. The Retro-Split® Storm Collar wrap around skirt includes five tabs that fit into pre-molded slots located in the underside of each plug. The Retro-Split® wrap around skirt forms into a conical shape and is closed shut with a patented “Press Together” watertight latch. One collar, one skirt (two skirts with 12 inch size), and one stainless steel band clamp will combine to make the entire assembly of one weatherproof storm collar umbrella. The Retro-Split® Storm collar is used to counter flash a Roof Jack Flashing that has been installed into a roofing system. Roof Jack Flashings are not included as part of the Retro-Split® Storm Collar assembly.

Retro-Split™ Storm Collars

Three (3) class sizes

  1. Small Retro-Split= 3.0 inch max diameter
  2. .Medium = 6.0 inch maximum.diameter
  3. .Large = 12.0 inch max. diameter


Pick a Top Plug Configuration

Left = 2" x 2" Angle and Right = 2" x 2" square

Until now, round, square or angle iron supports on equipment screens, fences, or sign posts were nearly impossible to seal effectively. Until now, roofers had little choice other than to use unreliable "Pitch Pockets' for these locations.

Order the top plug to match geometric shape, or pipe diameter.

Left = 2.0" Plug (2.375" OD) and Right = 1 1/2" plug (1.90" OD)

The secret to the versatility of the Retro-Split™Storm Collar is the top plug geometry, which enables the Collars to conform to any shape. Virtually any geometry can be weatherproofed in seconds by one person using only a screwdriver. How simple does it get?

Just Order the top plug to match your geometric shape, or pipe diameter.

All Style Industries patented Retro-Split™ Storm Collar (# 6640503 & 6591561) are used to weatherproof roof penetrations that cannot easily be taken apart or disassembled. Our patented storm collars are designed to counter flash a roof jack flashing that has been installed into a roofing system when an "over the top" installation is not possible or desired. Retro-Split™ Storm Collars open to allow an installation from the side. By utilizing our patented "push together" skirt locks the collars can wrap around any geometric shape penetration.

Retro-Split™ Storm Collars

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