Expando Crap Flashings

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With our Retro-Spin™ flashing, old decrepit leaking pitch pockets are easy to replace. Likewise, repairing old "one size fits all" cracked, torn and/or split Expando Crap flashings requires cutting them out and sliding in a new Retro-Spin™ replacement. Since many electric utilities companies charge a fee to take apart the electric service, in order to replace a service mast flashing, think of the extra cash that can be made by offering to replace it using a Spin Flashing. In two minutes any laborer can replace these old flashings using only a tin snips, hammer and a few nails. Offer this repair to all your customers as an option on every job.


A Retro-Spin™ assembly is constructed of tightly fitted interior and exterior impact extruded galvanized roof jacks. Our patented design enables the interior flashing to rotate freely within the confines of the exterior flashing. Pre-punched access slots are cut through the side of the two flashings creating a "door" that is opened and closed using a spinning action. Roof Penetrations can now be weatherproofed using the closing door technology, enabling a Slide from the Side retrofit installation. The current top diameter of a Retro-Spin™ flashing will accommodate any size geometric shape up to 3 inches in diameter. Each flashing is fabricated from one single sheet of electro galvanized steel using an impact extrusion method that eliminates all soldered seams. The flashings conical shape is three inches high. A four inch horizontal flange, or skirt, is formed to allow attachment within the roofing system.

How It Works

This ingenious design spins open, enabling installation of the flashing from the side. After the structure is centered inside the flashing the installer merely rotates the assembly 180 degrees and secures it into place. The only tool required is a hammer! This design simplicity eliminates taking apart a penetration structure in order to slide an ordinary flashing into place.

Our patented (#7,770,335) "Slide from the Side" design allows for a new roof flashing installation around fixed structures. An Electric Service mast is a good example. Retro-Spin™ roof flashings are roof jack/pipe flashings which will create the rise in a roof system that protects penetrating elements.

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Retro-Spin™ Roof Flashings

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