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Electric Service Mast Flashing Roof Accessories


 Job site footage showing Retro-Split Collar repairs to a thermal solar system mounting rack and the installation of our Retro-Spin Flashing kit on an electric service mast.

New construction residence hall at UCLA campus.   Our Retro-Split Storm collars used commercially to seal solar array racks, pipe penetrations and other HVAC supports.

Video shows the installation of  Retro-Split storm collars on one of the new buildings at the UCLA medical center in West Los Angeles, CA on 11-5-2012.   Included are special sized for installation onto support rails that are 3/4" x 2" rectangles.

At a demonstration offered by a roofing consultant he demonstrates how to install the Retro-Spin Flashing kit onto an Electric Service Mast.  He calls the Kit a Gismo.

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