When reviewing a product consider why a USA label is extremely important from a business point of view and not just based on the cheapest price point.

All Rubber

Compression Molds

for STD-Storm Collars

& Retro-Split Storm Collars

Fabricated by USA Machinists

Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

Made In Wadsworth, OH USA.

All Rubber Parts

Made in Burbank, CA USA

Retro-Spin™ Flashings

Made In Arlington Heights, IL USA

Every one of our products are made in the USA

This makes good business sense for a five reasons.

  1. Domestic sourcing helps protect our intellectual property. Our patents are much safer and less likely to be copied by the same fabricators who are prowling convention halls, snapping photos and cruising for knock off ideas.
  2. By using USA fabrication sources we get fast, dependable and reliable support, quick delivery, and the ability to offer custom designs to our customers. It's just impossible to modify our production lines for exact client job requirements if our tooling and technical people are 10,000 miles away and they speak mandarin.
  3. USA suppliers have pride in the quality of their fabricated goods. The nightmare of having to order container loads of product only to find that the goods are sub-standard, don't work or the container is full of rocks is 100 percent eliminated.
  4. I can monitor production of our products personally.
  5. Don't under estimate the importance of face to face contact with CEO's of the facilities that make product. The ability to personally walk into a facility to visit, voice opinions, address concerns or just shake hands as personal touch pays big dividends.

Made in The USA!

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