This consultant calls our Retro-Spin Flashing Kit a "Gizmo" 

 Any geometric roof penetration small enough to fit within the three inch top cone diameter is a candidate for use of Retro-Spin™ flashings. Secondly, with an infinite number of sizes and shapes, it is impossible to create top cones and flashing shapes that will fit each variable of size and shape that may need weatherproofing. This makes the use of an adjustable, customizable storm collar the ideal solution for creating a 100% fail safe sealing method. The Retro-Spin™ Flashing kit is so powerful since even though the roof flashing is always the same, the correctly fitted watertight roof storm collar umbrella performs the work of making the assembly fail safe.

 Make More Money!

Retro-Spin™ flashing kits are, by definition, one Retro-Spin™ flashing and one Retro-Split™ storm collar sold as a package. A Retro-Spin™ Flashing kit enables the capability to install a new jack flashing onto a fixed roof structure while allowing for a correctly fitting counter flashing that weatherproofs the entire assembly. Basically, the combination of a Spin-Flashing and a Retro-Split™ are a perfect match for a multitude of roof sealing issues found in the real roofing universe.

Retro-Spin™ Flashing


A Retro-Split™ Collar

Is the "Kit"

By combining One (1) Retro-Spin™ metal roof flashings plus One (1) Retro-Split™ rubber storm collar this creates a “Slide from the Side” "kit"  that combines to weatherproof difficult roof penetrations. Spin Flashing kits have no ugly zipper and require no fancy tools to weatherproof any class of roof penetration including, round, angle iron or square geometric shapes. Absolutely the easiest to install, and best looking retro-fit system on the market. Professionals, who have pride in their work, always use the best; Retro-Spin™ flashing kits.

Retro-Spin Flashing Kits

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