"Would you Like Cheese on Your Burger?"

The Hard truth is that businesses exist to generate profits. Ever notice that good retailers offer customers, without fail, small seemingly unimportant upgrades of services or products as they close a deal? The fast food companies are great at this. The counter person, who takes your money, doesn't care about cheese on your burger; but management does!The companies executives understand that huge increases in profits hide in tiny up sells and that bottom line profits increase exponentially when customers are relentlessly queried.  This is especially true if the upgrade offered cost little and the mark up is huge.

A slice of cheese on a hamburger cost a penny, but has a selling price of around fifteen cents. (1500% mark up) management understands that not every customer takes the "Extra Cheese" - but some do. In fact,  enough take cheese that restaurant managers push their employees hard to encourage the up sell. It's so important that sales people are told; offer the upgrade, or lose your job. Up sell profits are that important.

Roofers should understand this concept and follow the lead of these restaurant businesses. There is absolutely no gallantry working hard - for modest returns.  That's why All Style Industries (ASI) sells superlative value added products that are perfect "Extra Cheese" type upgrades. No matter how much value we at ASI see in our product line their true worth is gauged by the capacity of our ideas to create additional profits for our customers. Let us suggest two ideas to increase your revenue bidding strategies.

  1.  Always price a Retro-Spin Flashing Kit as an extra on every job quote. Require the sales staff to take a photo of the old roof as part of the proposal process and show the buyer all roof problems the bid will repair. As part of the sales pitch make sure the old worn out service mast flashing is photographed and part of the demonstration. The salesperson should thoroughly explain how his bid includes high quality replacement materials. Also, there happens to be a new method for replacing the electric service mast flashing with no need to turn off the electric power. Offer an optional price for replacing the service mast flashing and explain that the extra expense is worth paying because doing good work now saves money and headaches in the future. After all this new roof costs thousands of dollars. Isn't it silly not to replace every flashing except the one around the electric service mast? Beside the company guarantee all the materials that are sold and installed. The old service mast flashing would be the only item not guaranteed on the entire job. "Please give us permission to do a complete job."
  2. Introduce STD- Storm collars for quick over the top repairs of worn out vent pipe flashings. EPDM storm collars are not ruined by the ultraviolet sunlight and last 20 years or more. These are much better weatherproofing replacements for plastic "one size fits all" flashing boots. Besides your competition, more than not, offers these low quality products so why not offer a clearly better alternative.

When up-selling "Special Offers" the customer is provided a solution to solve actual problems that your salesperson can offer for an "added fee".  When the offering is a ASI product the bidding becomes more credible, and your competition will be caught off his guard.

In the event the customer denies the upgrades, it has cost the salesperson nothing to present the offer.  However, if the upgrades are purchased, the extra profit included in the mark up can far exceed the standard percentage calculated in the balance of bid price.

Finally, after establishing the ASI extras as valuable to the overall completion of the project, they can be offered as a closing tool offered to a fence sitting customer.  " If you sign up now we can afford to include the Retro-Spin Flashing Kit repair as a signing gift."

Good selling technique is not lowering your price to get a job. However, offering a value added extra that cost little to give away is good upgrade selling technique. 

"Want cheese on that roof system?"

The ASI product line is packed with wonderful value added options that none of our competitors can match.

Closing more sales equals - MAKING MORE MONEY!

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